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181. Back to Berberè to celebrate a friend’s birthday! :D

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180. The birth of a broccoli and bacon pizza!

180. PIE (Pizza Italiana Espressa) – Broccoletti (9,50€)

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  • DESCRIPTION: Mozzarella Fiordilatte, Bacon,  Broccoli au gratin with parmesan cheese, Caramelized lemon, Basil
  • COUNTRY: Italy
  • RESTAURANT ADDRESS: Via Spinola 8 20149 Milano
  • RESTAURANT WEBSITE: Official website Facebook page

1) Dough: 8/10
On the website they write that it’s “a properly made dough with Italian millstone flour and a room-temperature levening according to the ancient method”.. and you can see it while the pizza man is working with it!
2017-12-07 12.48.51
You can totally taste the difference between this kind of dough and the usual one but I can tell you that this feels more genuine and light.
The only flaw is the baking because it wasn’t uniform: some pieces were well cooked some others a bit undercooked.
I loved its overall taste though.

2017-12-07 13.03.59

2) Toppings: 8/10
Here you can either choose the ingredients among the ones available or you can order a special pie; plus you can watch your pizza being topped in front of your eyes!

I ordered a special pie so I didn’t choose all the ingredients but they did that for me.
The broccoli were good but I didn’t taste any parmesan cheese there, they weren’t au gratin in my opinion. The bacon and the caramelized lemons were as delicious as I expected instead and I loved their sweet and salty contrast.
The quantity of the ingredients is fair but I would have added a bit more bacon, while their quality is definitely high but not the highest that I’ve tasted.

2017-12-07 13.12.31

3) Value: 9/10
I paid this pizza 9.5 € and I think it’s pretty fair.
If you want to choose all the toppings of your pizza you can start from 4,90€ and then sum 1,5€ for each ingredient that you add; not bad.

2017-12-07 12.44.51
2017-12-07 12.48.46

4) Service: 9/10
The service is almost inexistent because you place your order at the counter and you follow your pizza until it reachs the oven.
At that point you can pay and sit in a table of your choice with the disk below.
2017-12-07 12.56.50
As soon as your pizza is ready they will bring it to you identifying your place with the disk.
They are fast and I like this place because it’s casual and informal. The pizza is not sliced but you can ask them to do it if you want to eat it outside 🙂

5) Side Effects: 10/10

I didn’t experience any side effect. This pizza is truly light and healthy 🙂


179. My socks have spoken and my freezer has delivered the worst pizza on the planet Earth!

2017-12-02 22.25.14

179. BUITONI – PIZZA RICCA Salamino Piccante (2,39€)

Pizza Clipart Pizza Clipart Pizza Clipart Pizza Clipart Pizza Clipart Pizza Clipart white  Pizza Clipart white  Pizza Clipart white Pizza Clipart white Pizza Clipart white

  • INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour, tomatoes 29%, Edam cheese 17% (milk, salt, lactic ferments, rennet), 9% spicy salami (pork, pork fat, salt, dextrose, spices (contains SENAPE), sugar, spices, antioxidant ascorbic acid, wood smoke preservative sodium nitrite), water, rapeseed oil, brewer’s yeast, milk powder, salt, sugar, aromatic herbs (basil, garlic, oregano, onion, rosemary, thyme), spices (chili pepper, paprika, pepper), emulsifier (lecithin of soy), dextrose.
  • BAKING INSTRUCTIONS: Preheat the oven.
    Remove the pizza transparent casing, put it still frozen in the oven and let it cook for 8-10 minutes, until the cheese melts.
  • BRAND WEBSITE: Official Website
  • COUNTRY: Italy

1) Baking and Appearance: 4/10
Honestly this pizza looks super fake/american style and to me it’s not appetizing at all.
I don’t even understant whether the baking instructions are correct or not because the cheese wasn’t completely melted but I had to put it out of the oven because the crust was almost burned.

2017-12-02 21.29.15

2) Dough: 5/10
It’s very thin in the center and on the border.
In the box they write that this pizza dough is thin and crunchy and indeed it is; however I didn’t enjoy it because it seems kinda undercooked in the middle and weirdly crunchy on the outside :/

2017-12-02 21.32.48

3) Toppings: 4/10
I don’t like spicy salami but I can tell you that this salami isn’t spicy at all.
The cheese is tasteless and not completely melted.
The sauce is pretty  much okay but the real problem here is the mixture of aromatic herbs that you should never put on a pizza, it tastes so bad.
The quantity of toppings is okay but their quality is not high for sure.

2017-12-02 21.38.29

3) Value: 7/10
I paid this pizza 2,39€ and it was discounted!!!
I don’t think I would pay more than this price for this frozen pizza because it’s small and its quality is very questionable.

5) Side Effects: 6/10
I felt very thirsty and just a bit bloated during the night 😦

  • OVERALL RATING:  5.2/10 

178. Back to Capuano’s with my coworkers!

2017-11-30 19.30.372017-11-30 19.26.502017-11-30 19.27.13

177. When in Bologna… Bologna pizza!

2017-11-25 19.28.41

177. RANZANI 13 – Via Emilia (11€)

Pizza Clipart Pizza Clipart Pizza Clipart Pizza Clipart Pizza Clipart Pizza Clipart Pizza Clipart Pizza Clipart Pizza Clipart Pizza Clipart white

  • DESCRIPTION: Buffalo mozzarella, pistachio cream from Bronte, mortadella (bologna), parmesan shavings.
  • COUNTRY: Italy
  • RESTAURANT ADDRESS: Via Camillo Ranzani 5/12 40127 Bologna
  • RESTAURANT WEBSITE: Official Website – Facebook page

1) Dough: 9/10
The dough is very puffy and soft both in the middle and on the outside; this happens because the leavening process of this gourmet style pizza is a bit different than the usual one.
Even though this kind of pizza looks doughy, it’s actually light and healthy.
Love it.
I’m not rating this factor 10 only because we saw that most of the pizzas after ours were very burned on the borders so I guess they still need to work on that.

2017-11-25 19.33.23

2) Toppings: 9/10
All the toppings on the menu are very original and they also have special gourmet pizzas that change every day.
The one I chose was unbelievably tasty: the quality of the parmesan shavings and the meat was undeniably high.
Pistachio cream tasted delicious but not too strong.
The only flaw was the buffalo mozzarella because I couldn’t taste it a lot among the others ingredients; however, the quantity of the toppings is perfect and I did enjoy the parmesan shower all over the pizza plate 🙂
My sister and her boyfriend chose the 2 toppings below and they tasted great too: the one on the right is not a gourmet style pizza but the dough and the ingredients tasted delicious anyway.

2017-11-25 19.33.45

3) Value: 9/10
I paid this pizza 11€ and I think that this price is definitely fair since the quality of the ingredients is high and the toppings are special.
There are cheaper options if you choose traditional pizzas.

2017-11-25 19.03.34

4) Service: 8/10
This place was very crowded on Saturday night but they accept reservations and their service was quick and professional.
Gourmet style pizzas come sliced, while the normal ones no.

5) Side Effects: 10/10
After eating this pizza I did not experience any side effect. Yay!

  • OVERALL RATING:  9 (my second favorite pizzeria in Bologna!)

176. Friendsgiving pizza party!

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