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  • DESCRIPTION: Tomato sauce with oregano and double fresh mozzarella. (Cheezy crust : Thin dough whose crust is stuffed with melted cheese)
  • COUNTRY: France
  • RESTAURANT ADDRESS: 14 Rue Sophie Germain 75014 Paris
  • RESTAURANT WEBSITE: Official Website – Facebook page

1) Dough: 2/10
Chewy, oily, super greasy and moist.
This cheezy crust was a huge disappointment for me.
It didn’t taste like pizza dough at all.
I wanted to taste it since forever and the fluffy crust wasn’t good at all.
The cheese inside the crust was tasteless and after a few minutes it becomes cold and super chewy.
This was the first time in my life I forced myself to finish the whole pizza because at some point all this chewing became boring.


2) Toppings: 2/10
first thing I need to say here is that this pizza had a weird smell.
It didn’t smell like pizza and this was scary.
I can’t tell you what kind of smell was but it was strange.
The amount of toppings was ridiculous since they put a layer of mozzarella cheese that was as thick as the crust… and the crust is huge guys!
Crazy stuff. Plus the quality of the mozzarella is really questionable.
But here the real problem is the sauce, for 2 reasons:

  1. They put a layer of sauce right between the mozzarella and the dough and when you take a bite you can feel in some way that the consistence of these 3 layers is totally fucked up.. it’s like that the sauce is trapped between these 2 layers and can’t move. It was a very weird sensation.
  2. The sauce tastes terrible. I think that you can eat it only because the cheese cover almost everything there but if you pay attention is so bad. They probably put too many oregano or maybe also other spices, I can’t tell.

You need to be really hungry to eat this pizza after more than 1 hour because it will be basically glue.
Did I say that they probably put an entire bottle of oil on this thing?


3) Value: 3/10
I paid this pizza 10€ and this is crazy. It doesn’t worth that much come on! I understand that this is the special “cheezy crust” but even if it was good 10€ wouldn’t be a reasonable price.
They do some special discount sometimes but in general I would say that it’s a really expensive pizza chain, especially considering the quality of their ingredients and their dishes.
You can understand what I’m saying just looking at the menu below.


4) Service: 5/10
I brought the pizza home so I didn’t need any service but the employee there were quite nice, they speak english and I’ve nothing to complain about.
It didn’t wait too long to get my pizza done: around 15 minutes. But this is reasonable since it was Friday night.
The pizza was sliced and they put that little table in the middle not to keep the top of the box from being pushed down against the top of the pizza and I’ve always thought it was very funny.. probably useful but I can’t tell.


5) Side Effects: 2/10
I was feeling bad even while eating the last slices so let’s just say that the day after this experience was rough.

  • OVERALL RATING:  2.8/10 -> first time in my life I got bored while eating a pizza