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  • DESCRIPTION: Broccoli, mortadella (bologna), asiago dop (italian cow’s milk cheese), fiordilatte (semi-soft fresh cheese)
  • COUNTRY: Italy
  • RESTAURANT ADDRESS: Via Petroni 9/c 40126 Bologna
  • RESTAURANT WEBSITE: Official Website – Facebook page

1) Dough: 10/10
The dough is thin in the middle, while very puffy and soft on the outside: the crust is not overcooked, not so crunchy but very delicious.
It is very light because it is made in a special way with high quality ingredients:

“No chemical yeasts are used for our pizzas, but rather mother dough, obtained from the natural fermentation of flour using fruit sugar (apple and pomegranate), for 24 hours in a constant temperature between 20 and 24 degrees. The dough is light, guaranteeing maximum digestibility. Flours with different nutritional values – like rye, spelt, and kamut – are selected and mixed together to allow for a balanced nutritional intake, and stone-ground to preserve their rich fiber content.”


2) Toppings: 10/10
They say : “The ingredients are always creative and seasonal, with a very basic treatment of the primary materials to avoid altering their flavor.” and that’s true!
I mean.. I went here twice and the toppings are always different depending on the season and you can taste the good quality of the ingredients.
Plus of course they are all organic and there are different options for vegetarians.
I’d say that the quantity of the toppings is perfect: this pizza wasn’t overloaded but you can clearly taste the meat, the 2 different types of cheese and the vegetables.
By the way in my opinion mortadella, asiago and broccoli are perfect together, they make  a great mix; the only flaw is that they make it taste and look like a focaccia bread instead of a traditional pizza but I mean, who cares!


3) Value: 8/10
I paid this meal 15,50€: 13€ is the price of the pizza and 2,5€ the service fee (plus water!).
This is objectively a lot for a traditional pizza but the thing is that this is not a traditional pizza: everything is special, from the organic and healthy dough to the quality of the ingredients, from the variety of the toppings to its digestibility.. so its value is also objectively higher.
Of course it’s not a cheap place but you get what you pay for.
However they offer a cheaper option at lunchtime (10€) and for college student (7€) if they order the pizza of the week.


4) Service: 8/10
This place is always crowded, both at lunchtime and dinnertime so if you don’t make a reservation in time (2-3 days before) is almost impossible to eat there. Plus they don’t offer delivery or take away options.
On the bright side the pizza is sliced, they are quite fast to get the pizza done (10-15 minutes top) and they offer the tasting menu (”You choose the pizzas and we bring them one at a time, this way you can taste more combinations of ingredients without losing the aroma of freshly baked pizza!”) that is a super cool idea because you can taste different toppings all at once.
This restaurant is also a grocery store that sells organic products so you are surrounded by healthy food and art related to this theme.


5) Side Effects: 10/10
This is the only pizza that doesn’t cause me any problem. No thirst, no bloating, anything.

  • OVERALL RATING:  9.2/10 (my favorite pizzeria in Bologna!)
  • MOVIE SUGGESTION: The Hateful Eight (watched right before the pizza, perfect to set up the mood :D)