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  • Flakes of rice and wheat combine with Special K flakes coated with a fine layer of white yoghurt
  • COUNTRY: Italy
  • INGREDIENTS: Ingredients: Rice (48%), sugar, wheat, wheat gluten, milk powder, Defatted wheat germ, salt, hydrogenated vegetable oil, starch, yogurt powder (0.72%), aroma of malt ‘barley, lactose, whey powder, gelling agent (gum arabic), emulsifier (soya lecithin), citric acid, vitamins and minerals.
  • CALORIES PER SERVING (40g): 155 Kcal
  • SHAPE: Flakes
  • COLOUR: light brown and some white flakes
  • FLAVOUR: Yoghurt
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  • SAME FAMILY: Special K Albicocche e Pesche (Apricots & Peaches), Special K Cioccolato al latte (Milk Chocolate), Special K Cioccolato Fondente (Dark Chocolate)Special K Classic, Special K Crunchy MuesliSpecial K Frutti Rossi (Red Berries).
  • COMMERCIAL & STUFF: Italian Review
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  • Would I Buy It Again? Maybe I’ll give them another chance

I’m quite disappointed. I used to like this kind of cereal.. especially the yoghurty flakes! But there were just a few “white” flakes and weren’t as good as I remembered. Pretty lame cereal altogether.
I don’t know maybe I’ll give them another chance in the future but right now I’ve go to admit Special K – Dark Chocolate was better than this one and I don’t even like dark chocolate soo.. 3 stars upon trust 😦