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  • DESCRIPTION: Divina (Mozzarella cheese, little broccoli from Bari, anchovies from Sciacca, burrata and hazelnut crumbs), Imperiale (Buffalo mozzarella D.O.P., bresaola from Valtellina, arugula seasoned with lemon and oranges, dry ricotta cheese flakes, cherry tomatoes) Halloween (Mozzarella cheese, pumpkin cream, bacon, porcini, taleggio cheese D.O.P., parmesan cheese shavings, toasted almonds) Monti Della Laga (Tomato sauce, nettle cream, ventricina from Teramo, tomatoes from Pachino, chives).
  • COUNTRY: Italy
  • RESTAURANT ADDRESS: Via Della Pace 64020 Teramo
  • RESTAURANT WEBSITE: Official WebsiteFacebook page

1) Dough: 8/10
This place claims to make the typical “pizza in pala” from Teramo: half-meter long and very easy to digest.
The dough is indeed quite thin (but not the thinest I’ve eaten..) in the middle and bit higher and crunchy on the border.
The crust on the outside as you can see in the picture, is not very big and very tasty.
The leavening process is very slow so this pizza turns out to be indeed light.


2) Toppings: 10/10
This time I’m reviewing 4 pizzas!! This is because one pizza here is designed to have at most 2 toppings and to be eaten by 2 people so since I went to this place with my parents and my sister we chose 4 different toppings and shared everything.
Sharing different toppings is always a very cool idea so I enjoyed this very much!
Plus here the toppings are super special, they use high quality ingredients and their quantity is more than sufficient!!
The topping that I chose was Halloween and it was indeed my favorite: the mix of ingredients was perfect and super delicious together.
However I didn’t enjoy the last one (Monti della Laga) because ventricina is very hot for my taste but it wasn’t actually my choice so I can’t complain.
Divina and Imperiale were instead awesome and great mix of ingredients.



3) Value: 6/10
We paid 45€ for 4 people because they added 2€ each as service fee so in the end it’s more than 10€ each.
It’s not super cheap and even though this pizza is special for the concept, the original toppings and the high quality ingredients, the service is indeed very bad so I wouldn’t add those 2€.
Plus since you can’t order one and a half “pala” if 3 people go there they will end up either paying as they were 4 and eating more or as they were 2 and eating less: this makes no sense. Therefore I think that there are cheaper pizza deals around so I can’t rate this factor more than 6.



4) Service: 5/10
The service here is sadly very bad.
The guys that work there are not nice and they are also not very organized it took a lot of time both to order pizzas and to get them ready (at least 2 hours).
Plus the waiters made a lot of mistakes during the night; the place was very crowded and noisy but in my opinion this is not a justification 😦
Pizza is served already cut in little pieces so at least this is a good thing.

5) Side Effects: 9/10
After eating these pizzas I was very thirsty and I think it’s because of the hot ventricina and the beer.
However I’m pretty sure that the dough wasn’t bad because I didn’t feel too bloated 🙂

  • OVERALL RATING: 7.6/10 (typical PIZZA IN PALA from Teramo!)
  • DESSERT SUGGESTION: Mixed Berries Cheesecake (we ordered it there and it tasted super yummy)
  • BEVERAGE SUGGESTION: Kapuziner Weissbier (I love white beer and this one tasted super good too!)