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  • Crunchy cereal with oatmeal grains.
  • Advertising Slogan: Inizia la giornata con la leggerezza del nuovo VITALIS LIGHT CROCCANTE CLASSICO: croccanti cereali integrali tostati ricchi di gusto e con il 37% di zuccheri in meno rispetto alla media dei cerali croccanti più venduti. (Start the day with the lightness of the new VITALIS LIGHT CROCCANTE CLASSICO: crunchy toasted grains and rich in taste with 37% less sugar than the average cereal crunchy top sellers.)
  • COUNTRY: Italy
  • INGREDIENTS: Wholewheat flakes OAT 56%, palm oil, sugar, oligofructose, wheat germ, rice flour, glucose syrup, wheat flour wheat flour, honey, wheat flour, salt, malt extract BARLEY dried, MILK powder, flavoring. May contain traces of NUTS.
  • CALORIES PER SERVING (40g): 175 Kcal
  • SHAPE: Clusters
  • COLOUR: Golden
  • FLAVOUR: /
  • OTHERS: /
  • SAME FAMILY: VITALIS Frutta e Fiocchi, VITALIS Light Croccante LAMPONE, VITALIS Müesli Croccante DOUBLE CHOCOLATE 15%, VITALIS Müesli Croccante FRUTTA SECCA, VITALIS Müesli Croccante MIX DI FRUTTA, VITALIS Müesli Croccante MIELE E MANDORLE.
  • COMMERCIAL & STUFF: Official Website
  • RATING: ☆☆
  • Would I Buy It Again? No

The issue of this kind of cereal is that it is very rich.
You can’t eat an insane amount of it without getting sick or something (it happened to me because I’m sooo greedy xD).
So when I read “light” on the box I thought that cameo had solved this problem but it hasn’t.
I mean.. they have just removed all the other stuff (chocolate or fruits or nuts..) that they put in the other muesli and they called this “light”. Bullshit!
2 stars.. I’m very disappointed!