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  • The classic, delicious balance of crispy, wheat bran flakes with delectably sweet raisins never ceases to make morning amazing. Plus, it’s a good source of potassium.
  • Advertising Slogan: Two scoops of raisins in every box!
  • INGREDIENTS: Whole grain wheat, raisins, wheat bran, sugar, brown sugar syrup, contains 2% or less of salt, malt flavor.
  • CALORIES PER SERVING (40g): 130 kcal
  • SHAPE: Flakes
  • COLOUR: Light brown
  • FLAVOUR: /
  • OTHERS: it contains raisins (and sugar!)
  • SAME FAMILY: RAISIN BRAN Cinnamon Almond, RAISIN BRAN Crunch, RAISIN BRAN Omega-3 from Flaxseed
  • COMMERCIAL & STUFF: Official Website , Kelloggs.com , Tv commercial , vintage commercial
  • RATING: 
  • Would I Buy It Again? No.

I can’t rate this cereal more than 2 stars because I mean.. this cereal is supposed to be healthy but the added sugar on the raisins is totally useless.
Raisins are sugary themselves, they don’t need any more sugar in my opinion.
The flakes are tasty but not very crunchy so.. 2 stars!