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  • Sweetened multigrain cereal hoops with honey.
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  • COUNTRY: Germany
  • INGREDIENTS: 76% wholegrain cereals (wheat flour, wholegrain maize semolina, wholegrain oat flour, wholegrain rice, wholegrain barley flour), sugar, wheat flour, 3.9% honey, brown inverted sugar syrup, salt.
  • CALORIES PER SERVING (40g): 152 Kcal
  • SHAPE: Hoops
  • COLOUR: Light Yellow
  • FLAVOUR: Honey
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  • SAME FAMILY: Choco RingsFruit Rings, Multigrain Hoops
  • Would I Buy It Again? Yes

If you think this cereal is the bad version of the famous Cheerios you are wrong.
I mean.. this is totally the good version!!!
It finally tastes a lot like honey and also a bit like spices: awesome!
Plus it’s crunchy and fresh as it should be!
Finally it’s super cheap (about € 1,99 per box) so I totally suggest you to give it a try it as soon as possible 🙂
4 stars!