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  • DESCRIPTION: Firmapizza “Taverna”(Shrimps, ham, peach, mould cheese, cheese) + Olympus (Turkey ham, salami, sun dried tomatoes, olives, feta, cheese)
  • COUNTRY: Estonia
  • RESTAURANT ADDRESS: Raekoja plats 20, 51004 Tartu
  • RESTAURANT WEBSITE: Official Website – Facebook page

1) Dough: 3/10
This dough is very strange: it’s more similar to the one used to make puff pastries rather than pizza.
In fact as you can see from the picture below there is not even the usual pizza crust and the toppings are placed everywhere until the borders.
Even though it’s very chewy and soft in the middle it’s still a little bit crunchy on the borders.

2016-08-23 14.31.38

2) Toppings: 4/10
The first thing that I need to say is that I would have never thought to use peaches as toppings together with meat and fish; however it turns out to be very fresh and tasty.
However there are some other problems in these pizzas:

  1. They put a layer of tomato sauce at the beginning and then a thick layer of cheese that covers everything (even the other toppings!) so it’s impossible to actually taste some tomatoes (but I don’t actually mind a lot because I love cheese).
  2.  There is no mozzarella. They wrote only cheese on the menu and I can’t really tell what kind of cheese is. It’s tasty but it’s very different from real pizza. It’s just something else.
  3. Feta cheese is not real feta for sure. It tastes like cream cheese.
  4. Sun dried tomatoes are super dry and almost burnt in the oven

The first mix of ingredients is the weirdest one but also the more delicious and interesting to me, while the second one is a bit disappointing.
Finally the amount of toppings is more than sufficient but we don’t know anything about the quality  or the provenience of the ingredients used :/

3) Value: 9/10
My friend and I paid these pizzas about 5€ each and this is a reasonable price.
The pizzas are big enough and with a big amount of ingredients so paying 5€ is almost cheap!
Plus they don’t add anything as service fee 🙂
I’m not rating this factor more than 9 though because, as you can read on the menu below there is no cheaper option; in Italy usually there is the Margherita, which is the cheaper pizza, but in this restaurant you can’t find it.

4) Service: 7/10
I think that the service here is very good since the waiters speak english and caring; plus the place is beautiful and cozy.
We didn’t wait too long to get our pizzas done (about 15 minutes) and they came already sliced and ready to be eaten 🙂
I’m rating this factor 7 because initially they brought us a different pizza from the one we ordered; however then they brought us the correct one after less then 5 minutes!

5) Side Effects: 4/10
I experienced all the usual side effects: bloating, thirst and weightiness. I couldn’t eat anything until the next day :/

  • OVERALL RATING:  5.4/10 (Estonian pizza!)
  • DESSERT SUGGESTION: Apple & Orange Milkshake

2016-08-23 14.25.00

  • BEVERAGE SUGGESTION: A. Le Coq Alexander Weizen (estonian white beer)