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  • DESCRIPTION: Una Bella Margherita DOP (Peeled tomatoes from San Marzano, fresh bites of fior di latte cheese, extra virgin oil, fresh basil, sprinkles of parmesan cheese) + Delicata Bianca Special (Fresh bites of fior di latte cheese, extra virgin oil, poppy seeds, chives, sprinkles of parmesan cheese)
  • COUNTRY: Italy
  • RESTAURANT ADDRESS: Via Torino 34 20123 Milano
  • RESTAURANT WEBSITE: Facebook page –

1) Dough: 10/10
The dough is very very thin in the middle, while puffier and thicker on the outside.
The whole pizza is very soft and delicious: it kinda melts in your mouth with an explosion of flavor!!!
You can clearly taste that it is made in a natural way with organic ingredients ; it’s way lighter than usual and I really like its texture.


2) Toppings: 8/10
The only problem related to the toppings is the lack of variety.
I know that many people think that simple pizzas are the real pizzas but to me trying new combination of ingredients is a very important thing.
However I’m rating this factor 8 because I have to admit that, even though they have only simple combinations, they use high quality ingredients that make these pizzas very special.
Plus poppy seeds and chives taste amazing together!!
The quantity of the ingredients is perfect too but maybe I would have preferred a little bit less oil .


3) Value: 7/10
The value of these pizzas is actually 9,50€ but they added 2€ as a service fee: I think that this is actually fair, since they treat every customer as a rock star.
However  I’ve got to say that paying 2€ for a little bottle of water is ridiculous and I would suggest them to add to their menu a cheaper option for people on the go.
You can understand what I’m saying looking at the menu below.



4) Service: 10/10
The service here is awesome.
They welcome everybody with a glass of very nice prosecco and a piece of special folded pizza that will totally make you drool!!!
Even though it’s always crowded and they don’t accept reservations you will be seated in less the 10 minutes and you will be eating after other 10 minutes top: the service is so quick and efficient that you kinda feel harassed by all this kindness.
At the end of the meal they even gave us free shots of italian liquor (Meloncello and another one made with almonds)!!
The pizza is not sliced but the waiters are super caring and the place is colorful and cheerful so I really can’t complain about anything.

5) Side Effects: 9/10
After eating this pizza I felt very thirsty and weird but I’m not very good at dealing with hard liquor so that may be one of the reasons; plus there was too much condiment on these pizzas!
Anyway I didn’t experience any other side effect. Awesome 🙂

  • OVERALL RATING:  8.8/10 (super simple and delicious pizza in Milan!)
  • BEVERAGE SUGGESTION: Meloncello! (italian melon liquor)