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  • DESCRIPTION: Valle D’Aosta (Fontina cheese, pumpkin, fresh basil and oil), Sardegna (Sauffron cream, eggplant, melted fiore cheese from Sardegna, fresh basil, oil), Liguria (Pesto sauce from Genova,  fiordilatte cheese, green beans, potatoes, toasted bread crumbs, pepper, oil).
  • COUNTRY: Italy
  • RESTAURANT ADDRESS: Piazza Argentina 3 20124 Milano
  • RESTAURANT WEBSITE: Facebook PageOfficial Website

1) Dough: 8/10
In their facebook page they state:

We only use stone ground flour that transfer to our mix the scent and the taste of good grain 100%. We use certified products D.O.P, I.G.P and Slow Food we seek constantly among the best Italian excellences.

They don’t write anything about the leavening process of their dough but I can tell you that you can taste its lightness.
It’s quite thin and very crunchy and I really enjoyed its texture.
The only flaw is that they don’t serve freshly baked pizza since it stays on the counter for a while; they heat up and cut the slices and they can become a little bit hard to chew here and there.


2) Toppings: 8/10
This place only makes pizza by the slice so you can choose and taste different things..and this time I’m reviewing 3 toppings!! On their website they state:

We propose, therefore, a true gastronomic journey, a journey to discover (or rediscover) the Italian regions through the pizza, the authentic flavors of those local products that are the result of dedication to their work, respect for traditions and the environment and the constant pursuit of quality.

This is the reason why the name of the slices are the name of italian regions!
The toppings of these pizzas were great and super tasty and I especially enjoyed the Sardegna one because the sauffron sauce together with the crunchy eggplant and the savory fiore cheese  made a perfect mix of ingredients.
However the problem here is the quantity of the toppings: Liguria and Valle D’Aosta were basically empty 😦
I know this can be just a coincidence so I will go back there again to taste the other regions and we’ll see 😀


3) Value: 9/10
I paid 3 slices of pizza 8,5€ and I think it’s fair.
I mean.. the price of each slice is 3,5€ so you end up paying the same price for a simple margherita and also for a more special topping; this is not very balanced but it’s convenient anyway.
Plus they don’t add any service fee because this place it’s more like a “take away spot” than a real restaurant.
They also have some cheap option for pizza + craft beer so it’s totally worth it!


4) Service: 9/10
The service here is basic since as I’ve already written, this place is more like a “take away spot”.
However there are a few tables and some places to sit inside so they can serve you sliced pizza for free with a nice cutting board.
The guys that work there are super nice and friendly and the atmosphere is very relaxed so I’d like to come back there again!!

5) Side Effects: 9/10
After eating these pizzas I was a bit thirsty but I’m pretty sure that the dough or the ingredients weren’t bad because they were easy to digest and I didn’t feel too bloated 🙂

  • OVERALL RATING: 8.6/10 (the first regional pizza by the slices in Milan!)