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  • DESCRIPTION: Mozzarella, tomato, porcini mushrooms and brié (french cheese)
  • COUNTRY: Italy
  • RESTAURANT ADDRESS: Via Sempione 62 20016 Pero (MI)
  • RESTAURANT WEBSITE: Official Website – Facebook Page

1) Dough: 7/10
The dough is thin in the middle and slightly puffy on the outside; they write that their dough follows the typical neapolitan pizza tradition but it’s definitely not true.
They also say that the leavening process is long (24 hours) and that they use the mother yeast and  I can trust them on this because in the end you can taste its lightness.
However it’s not well cooked: it’s slightly burned or chewy here and there on the borders.


2) Toppings: 8/10
I chose this pizza because I love mushrooms and also because this should be their speciality; however I don’t think this one is actually very special since there are a lot of more interesting toppings on the menu so I will probably taste something else next time.
Anyway this pizza is a bit too greasy in my opinion: you can probably see on the pictures that there is a lot of oil on the top of it but I’m not sure whether it’s actually oil or it’s instead “created” by the melted french cheese; in any case I would have preferred a more “compact” texture.
However the quantity of the ingredients is pretty fair and I particularly enjoy the savory porcini mushrooms.
Finally they don’t state anything about the quality or the provenience of the ingredients but they taste delicious so they are probably good 🙂



3) Value: 8/10
The value of this pizza is 9€ and they don’t add anything as a service fee: I think that this is kinda fair since even though the meal is a bit overpriced, the service is very good.
Porcini mushrooms and french cheese are not cheap ingredients so I get the value of this pizza but some other pizzas on the menu seem to be unexplainably overpriced in my opinion.
Anyway there are some lunch pizza deals and also some cheaper pizzas in the menu so in the end the price is not an issue here 🙂


4) Service: 8/10
This restaurant is very crowded at lunch since it’s near work places; however if you arrive around noon you can find a table without a reservation or problems.
The restaurant is very nice but the atmosphere is super relaxed and friendly.
The waiters are very professional and nice and the service is very rapid.
However I didn’t appreciate the fact that they didn’t bring all the food in our table together: my pizza arrived after 5 minutes and then, after at least 15 minutes, they brought my coworkers’ plates (they didn’t order pizza).
The pizza is not sliced.

5) Side Effects: 8/10
After eating this pizza I was a bit thirsty and bloated but luckily not in a very annoying way.