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  • DESCRIPTION: Smoked provola cheese, savoy cabbage, speck ham, shavings of caciocavallo cheese (I asked not to put spicy oil on it)
  • COUNTRY: Italy
  • RESTAURANT ADDRESS: Viale Sabotino 19, 20135 Milano
  • RESTAURANT WEBSITE: Official website – Facebook Page

1) Dough: 7/10
The dough is kinda thin in the middle, while very puffy and thick on the outside.
It follows indeed the typical neapolitan pizza tradition: the crust is not so crunchy, but very soft and delicious instead.
However it’s a bit chewy or burned here and there so that is a bit disappointing.
It’s not very light.


2) Toppings: 8/10
I choose one of the monthly special pizza so I expected a very special pizza.
It was indeed pretty good because speck ham and savoy cabbage are very savory but the cheese is a bit disappointing: the main cheese (provola) is not very intense as it usually is, while the caciocavallo cheese is invisible instead 😦
Anyway the quantity of the ingredients is fair but I don’t trust them completely about the quality or the provenience of the ingredients that they write on the menu.
The mix of ingredients is good if the cheese was the one stated and I really appreciate the variety of toppings and their “seasonal menu”.


3) Value: 7/10
The value of these pizzas is actually 11,5€ but they add 2€ as a service fee: I think that this is not very fair since the service is nothing special and the special ingredients don’t taste like the ones stated on the menu.
As you can read on the menu below there are no very cheaper option here since the simple Margherita costs 6,5€.


4) Service: 8/10
The waiters are professional, very fast and they are not too oppressive.
The service is objectively good but I didn’t appreciate the fact that they didn’t bring all the pizzas together: the last one arrived at least 20 minutes after ours.
The pizza is not sliced.

5) Side Effects: 7/10
After eating this pizza I was very thirsty and I think it was because of the salty speck ham; I also felt a bit bloated all night long.

  • OVERALL RATING:  7.4/10 (it is indeed just a chain of neapolitan pizzeria :/)