• DESCRIPTION: DON’T HAVE A CINNAMON (curiously cinnamon / cinnamon toast crunch / applejacks / honey / semi skimmed milk)
  • RESTAURANT ADDRESS: 139 Brick Lane London, United Kingdom
  • RESTAURANT WEBSITE: Official Website – Facebook page

1) Appearance: This cereal cocktail looks great!
Apple jacks and cinnabon are the more “attractive” cereal to me in this cocktail but the last one should not be there actually :/
Where is the honey by the way? :/

8 out of 10


2) Taste: I love cinnamon and I love this mix of cereal!
They are crunchy, tasty and fresh 🙂
However I didn’t appreciate the lack of honey, curiously cinnamon and cinnamon toast crunch and I would add pieces of apple or other toppings to make it more delicious and fun!
I need to taste the other cocktails to understand this place better..

8 out of 10


3) Value: I paid this cocktail 3.80£.
They don’t add anything as service fee since you actually need to pick up your spoon and stuff from the counter by yourself.
I don’t think it’s a very cheap breakfast but the experience is totally worth it.

7 out of 10


4) Service: When you are so obsessed with cereal like me and come all the way from Italy to check out this place you expect to find a waiter that is obsessed with cereal like you… so of course you will be disappointed!! ahah
The guy who served us was very lazy and disinterested!
He also clearly messed up the SUPER DIFFICULT cereal cocktail recipe so that was disappointing! 😦

5 out of 10


  • OVERALL RATING:  7 out of 10