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  • The Coconut and Chia Porridge Pot is jam-packed full of coconut pieces and those tiny titans of nutrition Chia Seeds. 
  • Advertising Slogan: Now that’s what we call a porridge that packs a punch!
  • INGREDIENTS: Gluten free wholegrain oats (76%), coconut milk powder (11%) (coconut milk 67%, tapioca syrup 2%, cavamax (soluble fibre) 1%, maltodextrin 30%), dessicated cococnut (8%), Chia seeds (2.5%), natural flavouring (1.7%).
  • CALORIES PER SERVING (60g): 242 kcal
  • SHAPE: “chunky soup”
  • COLOR: light brown with dark points (chia seeds)
  • FLAVOR: coconut and chia seeds
  • OTHERS: gluten free, dairy free
  • SAME FAMILY:Porridge Cranberry & Raisin,Porridge Plain, Porridge Plain (No added sugar), Porridge Super Seeds.
  • COMMERCIAL & STUFF: Official Website
  • RATING: 
  • Would I Buy It Again? NO.

As soon as you open this pot you can clearly smell the coconut.
I love coconut and I had high expectations of this porridge but it turned out to be pretty tasteless 😦
I mean.. it needs some sugar or taste because it’s definitely too bland (I added some banana pieces but maybe some cinnamon would be good too).
However the consistency is great.. very thick and chunky as I like it! 🙂
This porridge is gluten free and dairy free: it’s very healthy and it coulb be good for our bodies full of sugar so I suggest you to add some piece of fruits to enjoy an healthy and nutritious breakfast!!!
Finally it deserves 2 stars for its overall taste but 3 stars for its packaging because it definitely caught my attention when I found it on the shelf of the supermarket 🙂