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  • Deliciously honey and vanilla flavour Quaker rolled microwaveable porridge oats. 
  • Advertising Slogan: Honey & Vanilla flavour Oat So Simple – now in a handy pot that you can take with you wherever you go.
  • INGREDIENTS: Quaker Rolled Oats (61%), Skimmed Milk Powder, Sugar, Natural Flavouring.
  • CALORIES PER SERVING (57g): 213 kcal
  • SHAPE: “chunky soup”
  • COLOR: light brown
  • FLAVOR: Honey & vanilla
  • OTHERS: /
  • SAME FAMILY: OAT SO SIMPLE Original, OAT SO SIMPLE Apple & Blueberry, OAT SO SIMPLE Golden Syrup, OAT SO SIMPLE Sultanas raisins cranberry and apple, OAT SO SIMPLE Caramel, OAT SO SIMPLE Strawberry raspberry cranberry, OAT SO SIMPLE Sweet Cinnamon, OAT SO SIMPLE Maple & Pecan, OAT SO SIMPLE Strawberry jam
  • COMMERCIAL & STUFF: Official Website
  • RATING: ★☆
  • Would I Buy It Again? No.

This oatmeal is my least favorite among the OAT SO SIMPLE range that I’ve already reviewed and tasted.
The “problem” here is its super sweet taste: I like sugary things but this is actually too much.
I added cinnamon and banana to this oatmeal but it probably doesn’t need any other flavor because it turned out to be too rich this way.
However the consistency is great: not too liquid and not too dense! 🙂
My rating finally is 3 stars for its overall taste while 2 for the simple packaging because it’s not very captivating.