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  • DESCRIPTION: Penelope (Crust stuffed with buffalo ricotta cheese, provola cheese, porcini mushrooms, sausage)
  • COUNTRY: Italy
  • RESTAURANT ADDRESS: Alzaia Naviglio Grande 56 20144 Milano‬
  • RESTAURANT WEBSITE: Tripadvisor – zomato.com

1) Dough: 8/10
The dough is very thin in the middle, while puffy and thick on the outside. It follows the typical neapolitan pizza tradition: the crust is not crunchy, but very soft and delicious instead.
However it’s burned here and there so I wouldn’t rate this factor more than 8.


2) Toppings: 10/10
This is a special pizza since its crust is stuffed with buffalo ricotta cheese.
I wanted to try this kind of pizza for ages and I’ve got to admit that my expectations have been disappointed because there is not so much cheese inside.
Plus I didn’t taste a lot of provola cheese too. It tasted like usual mozzarella to me :/
However porcini and sausages are tasty and not too salty.
The quantity of the ingredients is fair though and I think its quality is high too.
Finally in my opinion these ingredients make a good and unique mix together.


3) Value: 7/10
The value of these pizzas is actually 11,5€ but they added 2€ as a service fee: I think that this is quite fair, since the service is very good.
Plus this is not a normal pizza since the crust is stuffed with cheese and the quantity and quality of the ingredients are high; however the cheaper option (Marinara 5,5€) is not actually that cheap -.-‘ since you usually pay 3€ for that.
As for the other special pizzas I think that their price is high too.


4) Service: 9/10
This restaurant is always crowded but they take reservations so if you arrive on time there won’t be problems.
Plus the waiters are super nice and the place is very homy 😀
I’d go back again to taste their other special pizzas!!!


5) Side Effects: 8/10
During the night, after eating these pizza I felt thirsty and a bit bloated but it wasn’t very annoying.


  • DESSERT SUGGESTION: Ricotta cheese and pear tarte