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  • DESCRIPTION: Crocchè (Provola cheese, potato croquette, ham, fresh basil)
  • COUNTRY: Italy
  • RESTAURANT ADDRESS: Via Procaccini, 73 20154 Milano‬
  • RESTAURANT WEBSITE: Official website Facebook page –

1) Dough: 8/10
The dough is very thin in the middle, while puffy and thick on the outside. It follows the typical neapolitan pizza tradition (the crust is not crunchy, but very soft and delicious instead) but since is so thinest in the middle and it is made in a natural way with organic ingredients it’s way lighter than usual.
However it’s slightly burned here and there so I wouldn’t rate this factor 10.


2) Toppings: 9/10
I wanted to tasted this kind of traditional neapolitan pizza since forever but I was always too worried about its heaviness.
I can confirm now that it’s one of the richest pizza I’ve ever tasted but it’s totally worth it.
Potato croquette, provola cheese and ham are all super tasty and they make a perfect mix together.
However on the menu they write that this pizza should have raw ham; I’m not complaining about it because I like this ham more than that one but in general I don’t like surprises after ordering stuff.
The quantity of the ingredients is perfect though and you can clearly taste the different ingredients.


3) Value: 9/10
The value of these pizzas is actually 8,5€ but they added 2€ as a service fee: I think that this is fair because the service is very good.
Plus this is not a normal pizza since the quality of the ingredients is very high, the mix of toppings is special and the preparation of the dough follow the old neapolitan tradition; however the cheaper option (Marinara 4,5€) is not actually that cheap -.-‘ since you usually pay 3€ for that.
As for the other special pizzas I think that their price is reasonable instead.
You can understand what I’m saying reading the menu below.

4) Service: 9/10
This restaurant was very crowded even on Thursday night but they managed to find a table for us anyway.
The waiters are very nice and caring and they even offer a glass of prosecco as aperitiv and then a shot of meloncello at the end of the meal.
The pizza is not sliced.

5) Side Effects: 7/10
During the night, after eating these pizzas I felt very bloated and thirsty. I also felt super full but this is probably because I’m not used to eat fried food so it is always this way. -.-

  • OVERALL RATING:  8.6/10 (traditional Neapolitan pizza in Milan!)