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  • INGREDIENTS: Soft wheat flour type “0”, Tomato sauce, Mozzarella 14% (milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments), Water, Gorgonzola cheese DOP 5% (milk, salt, rennet, selected molds), Tomato pulp, Oil oil, 1.5% pecorino cheese (sheep’s milk, salt, rennet), Asiago cheese DOP 1.5% (milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments), durum wheat, salt, dextrose, mother Yeast (flour soft type “00”, water, wheat), malted wheat flour, yeast, oregano.
  • BAKING INSTRUCTIONS: Heat up the oven by placing the grid at mid-height to obtain a temperature of 200-220 ° C. Meanwhile, remove the casing pizza transparent and leave at room temperature for about 10 minutes. When the oven is hot, add the pizza directly on the grill and cook it for about 10-12 minutes, until the cheese will not melt.
  • BRAND WEBSITE: Official Website
  • COUNTRY: Italy

1) Baking and Appearance: 8/10
This extra-cheese pizza smells like gorgonzola!! I love gorgonzola so this is perfect. However I need to admit that fresh cheese pizzas look yummier than this one.
Anyway the baking instructions were clear and your pizza will be easily ready in about 20 minutes (considering preheating time): it will be crunchy and perfectly cooked.

2017-04-12 19.52.58

2) Dough: 8/10
They write on the box that this pizza has naturally leavened for at least 24 hours and it is baked in a wood oven, to obtain a soft and a crisp edge pasta.
It’s thin in the middle while a little bit puffier on the borders.
It tastes “bready” and quite light indeed.
Finally the crust is not crunchy everywhere but a bit dry here and there.

2017-04-12 20.01.52

3) Toppings: 8/10
Reading the ingredients on the box I think that they shouldn’t have put oregano but this is a common mistake of almost all frozen pizzas :/
However tomato sauce and cheese tastes great and the flavor or gorgonzola cheese is neither too strong nor too bland: very good!
As for the quantity of the ingredients I think that it’s pretty fair and their quality seems to be ok too since they put gorgonzola and asiago DOP 🙂

2017-04-12 19.57.10

3) Value: 8/10
This pizza costs 2,19€ and I think it’s kinda fair since even though is not very big, I think that the quantity and the quality of toppings and the dough is better than average frozen pizzas.

5) Side Effects: 8/10
After a few hours I felt very thirsty and just a bit bloated.
However it wasn’t very annoying 🙂

  • OVERALL RATING:  8/10 (cheeeeesy cheeeeesy pizza!)