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  • INGREDIENTS: 50% Dough: soft wheat flour type 0, water, sunflower oil, salt, yeast, wheat gluten, malted wheat flour, anti-agglomerating agent: calcium carbonate; Flour processing agent: ascorbic acid; Enzymes (contain wheat).
    50% Stuffing: 19.4% figs, water, cream, 11.1% cheese, 11.1% mozzarella, 11.1% DOP gorgonzola cheese, rehydrated skim milk, 2.8% grated cheese (milk, salt, Yogurt (skim milk, live lactic ferments), 1.6% cream with balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP [concentrated grape must, 30% balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP (wine vinegar, must) Glucose syrup, modified corn starch], corn modified starch, 1.3% mascarpone (milk cream, acidity regulator: citric acid), sugar, shallots, sugarcane syrup, Salt, white pepper.
  • BAKING INSTRUCTIONS: Preheat your oven to 200°C while letting the pizza defrost at room temperature for about 10 minutes. Then bake at mid-height on the grill of the oven for about 8-10 minutes.
  • COUNTRY: Italy

1) Baking and Appearance: 8/10
This pizza really smelled great and looked super yummy to me… maybe you can agree with me looking at the picture below.
I was just a bit disappointed by its size: it’s very small (maybe 25 cm in diameter).
The baking instructions were clear and your pizza will be easily ready in about 20 minutes (considering preheating time): it will be crunchy and perfectly cooked.

2017-05-03 19.58.03

2) Dough: 8/10
The dough is indeed soft but kinda crunchy on the outside.
It kinda follows the Neapolitan standard but it’s not thin in the middle; however, the crust is 2 centimeters high and very “bready” and tasty: I loved it.
I can’t rate it more than 8 though because there are a lot of ingredients in the dough that doesn’t sound very healthy or useful to me (ascorbic acid?) :/

2017-05-03 20.00.542017-05-03 20.01.52

3) Toppings: 9/10
Reading the ingredients in the box you can see that gorgonzola DOP is not the only cheese they put on this pizza: there is cream, mozzarella, pecorino… :/
I hoped there was only gorgonzola because I am a bit lactose intolerant but aaaanyway all these cheese just tasted great together.
Each slice is very creamy and you can clearly taste gorgonzola on it.
Mixing it with figs and sweet creamy vinegar, of course, is a great idea!
The quantity of the ingredients is right but I would have preferred some more figs.

2017-05-03 19.58.112017-05-03 20.00.36

3) Value: 7/10
This pizza costs 2,49€ and I think it’s not totally cheap since it’s very small.
I know that the mix of ingredients is not very common and the ingredients are precious but it’s still frozen pizza so I would have charged a little less than this.

5) Side Effects: 6/10
After a few hours, I felt bloated and thirsty and it was a bit annoying :/

OVERALL RATING:  7.6/10 (sweet and cheesy frozen pizza!)