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  • DESCRIPTION: Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pumpkin, oregano
  • COUNTRY: Italy
  • RESTAURANT ADDRESS: Piazza Solferino 10 10121 Torino
  • RESTAURANT WEBSITE: Official WebsiteFacebook page

1) Dough: 6/10
This is a typical pizza of Turin: it’s smaller but thicker than the usual one.
Also its dough is very different from a normal pizza because it’s very crunchy and it tastes like a slice of freshly baked bread.
It is cooked in the oven inside a little pan so it’s perfectly rounded but in this case it’s also a bit burned here and there.
It is indeed different from the other standard that I’ve tasted before and it’s interesting because in the end it turns out to be kinda light.

2017-05-17 21.13.30

2) Toppings: 5/10
The toppings here are actually the main disappointment:

  • the pumpkin was dry tasteless and very weird.
  • I don’t think that the quality of the ingredients is very high.
  • they put oregano (a lot!) and I didn’t enjoy it very much.

The mix of the ingredients is kinda original but in this case not very satisfying 😦

2017-05-17 21.13.25

3) Value: 9/10
I paid 5,50€ and I think this is a very fair deal since this kind of pizza is small but also pretty fulfilling.
Plus as you can read on the menu below there is a lot of choice and they are all very cheap.


4) Service: 8/10
The service was fast and the waiters that work here are very friendly and nice.
Plus the atmosphere of this place is cozy and relaxed.

5) Side Effects: 9/10
After eating these pizzas I was a bit thirsty but I didn’t feel too bloated 🙂

  • OVERALL RATING:  7.2/10 (pan pizzas from Turin!)