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134. Summer pizza party!

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133. CAMEO – RISTORANTE Pizza Al Pesto Sfizioso (1,70€)

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  • INGREDIENTS: Soft wheat flour type 0, tomato sauce 21%, 21% MOZZARELLA (MILK, sale, rennet, lactic ferments), cherry tomatoes in thirst 8.3%, rapeseed oil, CHEESE EDAM 5.4%, water, yeast, Pesto sauce 1% (basil, rapeseed oil, garlic), salt, sugar, parmesan, spinach, modified starch, lemon juice, pepper, hydrolysed vegetable proteins, emulsifiers: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids; Maltodextrin, Cayenne pepper, caramel.
  • BAKING INSTRUCTIONS: Preheat the oven (Electric: 220 – 230 ° C, Ventilation: approx. 200 ° C, Gas: 230 ° C).
    Remove the casing. Bake the frozen product by placing it on the grill at the bottom of the oven and bake it for 10 – 12 min. (Ventilated 9 – 10 min.)
    The product is cooked if the cheese is well golden.
  • BRAND WEBSITE: Official Website
  • COUNTRY: Italy

1) Baking and Appearance: 6/10
This pizza looks extacly like the picture in the box, it seems made of plastic.
However I like the big slices of mozzarella that kinda reminds me of a flower!
The baking instructions are very clear so if you follow them carefully your pizza will be ready in about 10 minutes.

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2) Dough: 5/10
The dough is very weird: it tastes soft and buttery even though is super thin both in the center and on the border.
It seems almost uncooked here and there so I didn’t enjoy this kind of dough very much.

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3) Toppings: 6/10
The quantity of toppings is fair, there is a lot of cheese and for me this is a very good thing; however this is not a proper mozzarella that you can find on an italian pizza.. it’s more like common sliced cheese that you can find at the worst supermarket so it’s not super tasty :/
The little tomatoes make it tastes more like a bruschetta instead of a pizza, while the pesto sauce I think it is a bit salty but it tastes ok.
In the end I’d say that at least the mix of ingredient is kinda original for a frozen pizza.

3) Value: 8/10
This pizza costs 1,70€  but its original price was 3,40 €.
I think this is totally overpriced since it’s not big or special and they don’t use high quality ingredients to make it.
If you buy it on sale like I did it’s worth it 🙂

5) Side Effects: 8/10
After a few hours I felt very thirsty.
However surprisingly I wasn’t very bloated so I guess it wasn’t that difficult to digest..Cool!

  • OVERALL RATING:  6.6/10 (The frozen flower pizza!!!)

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131. Little pizzas for big shows!

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130. Treat yoself after the worst day ever at work!

  • Quattro stagioni: tomato, fior di latte, ham, champignon mushrooms, neapolitan salami, basil

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129. A fun roman pizzeria in Geneva!

  • Al Pachino: Cherry tomatoes from Pachino, mozzarella cheese, pecorino cheese shavings, oregano
  • Famille Champi: Tomato Sauce,  Champignon Mushrooms, Porcini Mushrooms, Honey Mushrooms

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