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134. Summer pizza party!

2017-06-22 22.12.352017-06-22 22.12.392017-06-22 22.12.43

131. Little pizzas for big shows!

2017-06-11 19.30.15

130. Treat yoself after the worst day ever at work!

  • Quattro stagioni: tomato, fior di latte, ham, champignon mushrooms, neapolitan salami, basil

2017-06-08 21.45.16

129. A fun roman pizzeria in Geneva!

  • Al Pachino: Cherry tomatoes from Pachino, mozzarella cheese, pecorino cheese shavings, oregano
  • Famille Champi: Tomato Sauce,  Champignon Mushrooms, Porcini Mushrooms, Honey Mushrooms

2017-06-03 21.02.21

2017-06-01 19.19.10

127. Nice pizza night with my friends from Zurich

  • Spring in Cilento: special mozzarella from Cilento, zucchini blossoms, yellow tomatoes, anchovies, basil

2017-05-28 00.19.46

124. Pan pizza of Turin!

  • Zucca: Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pumpkin, oregano

2017-05-17 23.41.29

123. Pizzium Birrium and Delirium

Liguria: fior di latte cheese from Agerola, red and yellow cherry tomatoes, homemade pesto sauce, fresh basil.

2017-05-13 23.19.36

122. Liz Lemon Pizza Mood -.-

Bufalotta : buffalo mozzarella cheese, cheery tomatoes, dry ham from Parma, fresh basil

2017-05-09 23.30.17

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