The world of pizza and breakfast cereal.

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148. Treat yoself after spending 9 and a half hours on the bus!

2017-08-12 23.49.50

146. Super sad family pizza party!

2017-08-05 20.23.18

145. Another very trash pizza night in Turin!

2017-08-02 23.08.14

144. Business trip pizza party!

  • Gennaro: Tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, basil, shellfish, oregano, garlic, oil

2017-07-31 23.10.09

143. Pumpkin gorgonzola and stuff <3

2017-07-27 21.07.02

141. Pizza party with the ladies!

  • Oro Rosso Del Vesuvio (Dough made with aloe vera, buffalo mozzarella, red and yellow cherry tomatoes, basil cream, fresh basil)

2017-07-20 23.10.20

140. Punk Rock Raduno Pizza Party!

Americana without wurstel !

2017-07-15 19.43.38

138. How much pizza is too much pizza?

  • Lombardia: fiordilatte cheese, sweet gorgonzola, savoy cabbage, parmesan shavings, basil

2017-07-07 21.43.04

136. I tried to treat myself to pistachio pizza

  • Pistacchio Di Bronte: Yellow tomatoes from Vesuvio, out of the oven buffalo mozzarella DOP, pistachio pesto sauce from Bronte, strong oil from Cassano


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